The VI International Conference “Russian Offshore Oil and Gas Development: Arctic and Far East” (ROOGD-2016)

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The conference of Gazprom JSC “Russian Offshore Oil and Gas Development: Arctic and Far East” held in Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC on October 25 and 26, 2016, was visited by 280 leading specialists of 98 companies from 11 countries all over the world: China, Denmark, France, Japan, Italy, Poland, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, UK, United Arab Emirates. The exhibition “Development of the Offshore Fields: Equipment & Technologies” was run concurrently within the frameworks of the Conference.

Greetings to the ROOGD-2016 conference participants were sent by 

— the Chairman of the Gazprom’s Management Board Alexey Miller,

— the Governor of Arkhangels Region Igor Orlov,

— the Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Dmitry Kobylkin,

— Deputy Head of Energy Committee of the State Duma of Russian Federation, President of Russian Gas Society Pavel Zavalny,

— the Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom’s Management Committee, the Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee Vitaly Markelov,

— the Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary President of RSC Kurchatov Institute, Deputy Chairman of the conference Programm Committee Evgeny Velikhov

The Plenary Session was held by the First Deputy Head of the Gazprom’s Department Andrey Philippov and General Director of Gazprom VNIIGAZ Dmitry Lyugai.

The key report on the status and prospects of Gazprom`s activity on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, prepared by a Member of the Gazprom`s Management Board, head of Department Vsevolod Cherepanov, was presented to the participants of the Conference by the Deputy head of Directorate of Gazprom PJSC Marat Nuriyev.

At the Plenary session, the greatest interest was caused by presentations of:

  • Deputy Governor of Arkhangelsk Region — Head of Representative Office of Arkhangelsk Region to the Governement of the Russian Federation Vladimir Schelokov (About Experience and Prospective of Arkhangelsk Region in Fulfillment of Arctic Oil and Gas Projects),
  • Deputy General Director, Prospective Development of Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg LLC Vladimir Mironov (Ice-Resistant Fixed Platform of Kamennomysskoye-More Field),
  • Chief Engineer — the First Deputy General Director of Gazprom dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk LLC Andrey Suetinov (Industrial and Environmental Safety during Far East Shelf Fields Development),
  • Chief Engineer — the First Deputy General Director of Gazprom flot LLC Vladimir Paliy (Gazprom Flot LLC Achievements in Production Drilling at the Kirinskoye GCF (Sea of Okhotsk shelf)),
  • Sonsub Vice Presiden of Saipem S.p.A. Massimo Fontolan (The SONSUB HYDRONE: a Resident Intervention ROV),
  • Head of Chair “Geology and Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels” of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Antonina Stupakova (Strategy of Prospecting and Exploration in the Russian Arctic),
  • General Director, Xodus Group Scotland, Simon Allison (Xodus Group Experience with Arctic Development in Barents Sea).

Technical and scientific tasks and the issues of the industry were discussed in detail at the seven thematic sessions of the ROOGD-2016 conference. Experts have a discussion on the peculiarities of geological and geophysical studies of offshore fields, concepts of offshore fields development, construction and operation, issues of rescue support and industrial and environmental safety during the development of offshore oil and gas resources, the economic aspects of offshore oil and gas fields development.

At the Closing Plenary Session the chairmen of technical sessions noted the high level of the presented reports.

At the technical sessions the following reports were highlighted as most promising and up-to-date:

Session А

A.A. Krylov (Saint Petersburg State University, Institute of Earth Sciences),
E.A. Gusev, P.B. Semenov (VNIIOkeanologia)

Carbonates as Possible Prospecting Indicator of HC within Arctic Shelf

A.A. Suslova (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Structural Features of Jurassic Reservoirs, Conditions of Formation and Oil and Gas Potential within the Barents Sea Shelf

V.I. Kuznetsov (NOVATEK STC LLC)

Seismic Operations in Water Area of the Gulf of Ob and Taz Bay — NOVATEK Researches Experience

Session В

E.I. Suchkov, N.V. Strizhov (Oilteam Company LLC)

Experience and Challenges of Hydrodynamic Wells Testing with Subsea Completion

M.G. Zharikov, M.Yu. Safronov (Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC)

Justification and Selection Of Optimum Process Flow Pattern of Achimovsky Wells for Their Reliable Operation

G.M. Geresh, T.Yu. Lukina, D.S. Efimchenko (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC)

Forecasting of Wells Capacity at Shelf Fields

Session С

A.L. Ermilov (Laser Solutions CJSC)

Fiber-Optical Technologies for Continuous Distributed Control, Monitoring and Protection of Offshore Oil and Gas Production Fields (the paper was presented by Maxim Solodyankin (Head of Technical Services, Laser Solutions CJSC)

S.V. Grekov, S.I. Golubin, K.N. Saveliev

Methods for Conversion of Soft Soil Base Properties at Design and Construction of Oil and Gas Field Offshore Structure of the Russian Federation

Session D

Sh.Sh. Bakiev, V.N. Evtushenko (Gazprom neft PJSC)

Providing Escape Evacuation and Rescue Alert for Emergency Oil and Oil Products Spill near Prirazlomnaya Platform

M. Fontolan, F. Cavallini, G. Massari (Saipem S.p.A.)

Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS): a Robust Solution to Manage Subsea Emergency Situations

S.D. Popov (Scientific and production center “Special machinery” of Moscow state technical university named after N.E. Bauman)

On Development of Collective Rescue Equipment at 
Ice-Resistant Offshore Platforms

Session E

A. Millais, Ch. Horspool, S. Butcher, R. Hewlett
(Xodus Group)

Environmental Safety: an Integrated Approach

M.A. Nikitin, G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina (FSBI Hydrometeorological center of Russia), M.I. Varentsov, A.V.Kislov, V.S. Platonov (Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov), M.M. Chumakov (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC)

Use of the Regional Weather Forecast System of COSMO-RU for Studying Hydrometeorological Conditions at the Okhotsk Sea Shelf: Detailed Fields of Meteorological Elements for Years 1985–2015

V.S. Safonov, M.N. Mansurov (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC),
I.V. Korolkov (Gubkin Russian State University (NRI) of Oil and Gas)

Gas Condensate Spill Behavior under Ice Conditions

Session F

A.M. Mastepanov (Oil and Gas Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

The Arctic in the Global Oil and Gas Industry Development in the Conditions of Low Energy Prices

V.I. Yefremov, O.A. Korniyenko (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC)

State of Emergency Response Support (ERS) of Subsea Fields. Approaches to Reduction of Costs for ERS

Session G 

A.A. Shpakov, O.N. Morozov, M.A. Andriyanov, A.B. Koloda (Gazprom neft shelf), S.I. Melnikov, A.Ye. Simakov (Gazprom neft NTC LLC)

Information Value of Continuous Monitoring of Horizontal Wells for Optimization of Development of Prirazlomnoye Field

A.E. Remizov (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC)

State and Prospective Directions of Development of Diagnostic Devices for Offshore Pipelines of Gazprom PJSC

М.А. Filippov (Gubkin Russian State University (NRI) of Oil and Gas / National Research University)

Informational Intellectual Rescue System on the Shelf

The next permanent (VI) International conference “Russian Offshore Oil and Gas Development: Arctic and Far East” is planned to be held in November 2018.