Metrology Support



  • regulatory and technical documents for interstate and national standards, as well as PJSC Gazprom’s standards and recommendations on the uniformity of measurements;
  • regulatory and technical documents (GOST, GOST R, STO Gazprom) on the quality of natural gas, LNG, gas condensate;
  • methods (procedures) to determine quality parameters of natural gas, LNG, gas condensate;
  • development and certification of metering procedures (methods) and other methodical documents to provide uniformity of measurements.


  • measurement of physical and chemical properties, quality control of natural gas, gas condensate and their derivatives;
  • metrological expertise of design, engineering and process documents for metering instruments and systems, computer-aided process control systems and oil & gas industry equipment, standard drafts, metering methods (procedures);
  • validation and calibration of metering instruments both at the laboratories of the Center, and at Customer’s premises with the use of mobile certification labs;
  • carrying out tests of metering instruments in VCS Intergazcert for application at PJSC Gazprom’s facilities;
  • accreditation of legal bodies in PJSC Gazprom’s Instrument Calibration System;
  • evaluation of metering conditions in chemical and analytical laboratories of SALGAZ system;
  • interlaboratory comparative testing in chemical and analytical laboratories of PJSC Gazprpm’s subsidiaries in compliance with STO Gazprom 5.20 requirements.

The Center’s specialists maintain operation and management of:

  • Secretariat of the national technical committee for standardization and interstate technical committee for standardization TC52/ITC52 “Natural and liquefied gases”;
  • Research and methodical center of PJSC Gazprom’s Instrument Calibration System;
  • Salgaz system of chemical and analytical laboratories.