Environmental protection

Environmental protection is a top priority for Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC in keeping with the Environmental Policy of PJSC Gazprom and Nature Conservation Policy. Development and introduction of rational waste management systems and technologies are among the Institute’s key goals.


The Center has been carrying out research activities since 1974

  • Providing sustainable and environmentally friendly development of oil and gas industry
  • Taking measures to counteract climate impact and mitigate carbon footprint from business activities
  • Enhancing energy performance of process facilities

Development of strategic, regulatory and methodic documents, including GOST R, ISO and interstate standards

Development and introduction of nature conservation and eco-friendly technologies to protect environment, population and personnel

Implementation of international programs and cooperation with state and public organizations to demonstrate PJSC Gazprom’s nature preservation and energy performance activities


A team of high-skilled specialists, whose work was many times marked by state, public and corporate awards, provide advanced level of performance.

Drawing up waste management sections of design
documentation within the scope of R&D support of PJSC Gazprom’s large investment projects
Development of innovative R&D waste management solutions
Development of corporate concepts for PJSC Gazprom’s target programs, regulations, methods, standards and recommendations
Carrying out expert examination

Drawing up waste management sections of design documentation within the scope of R&D support of PJSC Gazprom’s large investment projects

Analysis of existing regulations on production and consumption waste management on the territory of Yamal and Taz regions, development of R&D solutions and innovative disposal methodsProduction and processing of formation brines of Kovyktinskoye and Znamenskoye fields to give lithium compounds and other useful componentsDevelopment of production waste management feasibility study for construction of wells within Kovyktinskoye field group
Update of the Astrakhanskoye GCF development process planAuthor’s supervision over implementation of design solutions of Chayandinskoye OGCF field development planAuthor’s supervision over implementation of design solutions within the Cenomanian deposit development plan (Bolshoy Urengoy fields: Urengoyskoye and Severo-Urengoyskoye OGCF)
Effluents underground disposal project for Maldzhinskiy gas condensate fieldEngineering support of biological treatment of earthen containers contaminated by hydrocarbons of Sergievskoye and Tolyattinskoye Line Pipe Operation CenterR&D support of Kruzenshternskoye gas condensate field development projects

Development of innovative R&D waste management solutions

Comprehensive assessment of the best existing and prospective technologies to ensure environmentally safe development, treatment, transmission, storage and processing of PJSC Gazprom’s hydrocarbon feedstockDevelopment of electro-nano-biocidal low-cost technology and equipment for fine cleaning of liquid waste products at oil- and gas-producing offshore platforms from oil, mineral and bio contaminationsRecommendations on collection, treatment, use and disposal of residual commercial hydrocarbon products and wastes in the process of preparing tank cars for repair
Passport for a pilot production unit with a capacity of 500 kg/hour to incinerate industrial and household wastes on the Yamal Peninsula
Elaboration of an in-plant water supply technology and a prototype equipment to recycle waste drilling mud (including radioactive) on floating and fixed drilling rigs designed for development of gas, gas condensate and oil fields located in conservation areasUnified chemical technology to deactivate oil-contaminated wastes and use oil sludge utilization products at oil and gas facilitiesCollection and analysis of data on cumulative environmental damage and reparation risks at PJSC Gazprom’s facilities

Development of corporate concepts for PJSC Gazprom’s target programs, regulations, methods, standards and recommendations

Master Plan of production and consumption waste management at Gazprom’s facilities regarding regional specificsSTO Gazprom 2-3.4-1206-2020 Infrastructure for production, storage and handling of liquefied natural gas. Incineration equipment. General specificationsSTO Gazprom Disposal technology for mercaptan odorant residuals and wastes, including decommissioned storage tanks
STO Gazprom 104–2011 Instruction on compilation of passports for standard production and consumption wastes of Gazprom’s subsidiaries and organizations
STO Gazprom 2-3.2-532-2011 Regulations for generation, neutralization and disposal of production wastes during well drilling and overhaul repairSTO Gazprom 092–2011 Summary production and consumption waste inventory for Gazprom’s subsidiaries and organizationsSTO Gazprom 2-3.5-529-2011 Disposal of natural gas treatment wastes at compressor stations and gas mainsSTO Gazprom 2-1.19-307-2009 Instruction on calculation of emissions, effluents and industrial wastes volume at gas transmission and storage facilities
STO Gazprom 073–2009 Classifier of hazardous production and consumption waste sources at Gazprom’s subsidiaries and organizationsSTO Gazprom 18–2005 Hydrogeoecological control at special-purpose liquid waste landfills for gas industrySTO Gazprom 12–2005 List of production and consumption wastes of Gazprom’s subsidiaries and organizationsRecommendations on minimization of production effluents and wastes at UGS
R Gazprom 12-2-017-2015 Standard disposal patterns for production and consumption wastes of gas production facilitiesR Gazprom12-2-018-2015 Standard disposal patterns for production and consumption wastes of gas transmission and storage facilitiesR Gazprom 12-2-020-2015 Standard disposal patterns for production and consumption wastes of gas processing facilitiesVRD 39-1.13-034-2001 Calculation methods for emission parameters and gross emissions of harmful substances from hydrocarbon mixture flare facilities
VRD 39-1.13-039-2001 Methodical guidelines for calculation of pollutant airborne emissions from low-capacity units designed for thermal treatment of solid domestic wastes and industrial wastes

Carrying out expert examination

Performance standards of technologies and equipment:

  • Projects on neutralization and disposal of PCB-containing wastes of RusatomGreenway LLC
  • Enviro LLC hybrid thermal waste neutralization units

Design documentation on construction, operation, reconstruction and liquidation of Gazprom’s Group facilities, including clauses on waste management

Drafts of federal statutes and regulations


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