Gas processing and use


Examples of comprehensive works

  • Development of technologies, chemical agents and catalysts for raw hydrocarbons processing into readily marketable products for fuel, petrochemical and industrial applications;
  • Development of domestic energy-efficient technologies to extract target components from natural gas, including production of commercial helium;
  • Development of advanced natural gas processing technologies with application of gas chemical processes to yield new types of readily marketable products;
  • Development of sulphur-based technologies for production of road and construction materials;
  • Development of energy-saving LNG production technologies with the use of high-performance domestic equipment;
  • Development of technologies, absorbents, chemical agents and catalysts to treat gas before liquefaction and cryogenic separation, as well as to fulfill export requirements for natural gas and gas products.
  • Analysis of external and domestic markets prospects and marketing strategizing of the Company;
  • PJSC Gazprom development program for LNG low-tonnage production;
  • Development of the Program for reconstruction and technical re-equipment of PJSC Gazprom’s gas motor business facilities;
  • Feasibility study of the project “Production and use of gas as a motor fuel in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam”;
  • Development of national and corporate standards related to gas motor fuel, low-tonnage production and consumption of liquefied natural gas.


  • We use a comprehensive approach to address PJSC Gazprom’s key R&D issues related to gas processing and use;
  • We propose world-class design and engineering solutions;
  • We work out all types of regulatory documents: fundamental industry standards and regulations, recommendations, proposals and methods;
  • We train skilled professionals (post graduate courses, thesis defense; annual publications of scientific articles, monographs, reviews; holding R&D conferences and seminars).