We do innovations

Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC is the main scientificresearch center of Gazprom PJSC.

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Today our goal is to create a unified scientific and production ecosystem capable to give proficient and timely response to global technological challenges.

Comprehensive approach

Starting from its setting up the Institute's distinguished key feature is the comprehensive approach to problem solving.

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The Institute has the skills and knowledge in all the main directions of the value chain from analyzing the resource base to the use of natural gas.

The technologies developed and experimentally confirmed by the scientists of the Institute enable our partners to complete the most complex scientific and technological tasks.

Research and production complex

Innovations are the drivers of competitiveness. The innovative solutions are tested by VNIIGAZ at own production site — there is the Experimental Center at the Institute.

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The Center produces pilot samples in the framework of R&D work, experimental stands and installations, testing and process equipment, performs installation and commissioning of the developed equipment.

Scientific Methodology Center of standardization, certification and metrology

Developed, certified and tested by VNIIGAZ is a quality guarantee.

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The Institute develops regulatory documentation of Gazprom, national and international standards, evaluates projects, standardization documents.

The Institute experts certify products, works and services in the INTERGAZCERT system, carry out necessary testing at their own experimental site.

The Institute performs all types of work within metrological provision for enterprises as well as conducts practical studies of metrological characteristics of new measuring instruments.

Research and educational center

We implement the comprehensive approach not only to researches but also to personnel training. The Institute site provides: postgraduate education, dissertation committees, educational center, specialized departments.

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The leading scientists and experts in oil and gas industry (main intellectual resources of all gas science) are involved in the training.

Our initiative and innovative techniques and close relations with production allow Institute to be a source of manpower for the gas industry.

Cooperation platform

VNIIGAZ tends to unify all the key players to create a dynamic innovative and technological environment.

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  • The Institute is the front-end system operator of Gazprom PJSC for the implementation of innovative approaches.
  • ASSIGN US A TASK on-line service allows a potential customer to send an enquiry to the scientists of the Institute and to receive the task solution prototype.
  • The Institute conducts conferences, exhibitions, workshops on topical technological issues of the oil and gas industry. Their objective is to exchange experience and find consolidated solutions — join the innovators with business partners, science and production.

Let’s innovate together!

Global scale

After establishing a strong foundation within the last 70 years we continue growing.

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  • Our projects are the major industrial giants.
  • Our geography covers not only the Russian market but the global market of technologies.

National and global leadership in industry-specific scientific and technical cooperation is the challenging task of VNIIGAZ