Environmental safety and energy performance


Examples of comprehensive works

  • Development of treatment technologies for different environments contaminated by hydrocarbons with the use of bio agents for remediation of disturbed soils and decontamination of soils from hydrocarbons
  • Development of package remediation technologies and innovative control systems for disturbed soils in industrial areas under Extreme North conditions
  • Substantive evaluation of dynamics of natural, climate, permafrost and industry-related conditions during field development on the Yamal Peninsula;
  • Compilation of the best available technologies reference book ITS 50 —2017 “Processing of natural and associated gas” and ITS 29–2017 “Natural gas production”
  • Estimation of the overall ecological effect from vehicle conversion to natural gas in the Russian Federation;
  • Development of comprehensive industrial ecology and energy-saving programs for PJSC Gazprom;
  • Development of ISO 35103–2017 “Petroleum and natural gas industries. Arctic operations. Environmental monitoring”;
  • Development of a set of interstate standards “Gas supply system” related to environmental protection;
  • Working out a roadmap for PJSC Gazprom to switch to the best available technologies;
  • Working out a roadmap for greenhouse gas emissions control system for Gazprom Group companies for the period till 2030;
  • Organization and holding of the International Conference “Environmental Safety in Gas Industry” in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.


  • We provide a single and comprehensive approach to scheduling and implementation of PJSC Gazprom strategic projects;
  • We have extensive theoretical and practical expertise on building up environmentally-friendly and social image of the Company;
  • We maintain information databases split by activity areas of Gazprom Group;
  • We have a pilot testing facility with all required equipment;
  • We have branches and an opportunity to carry out regional field surveys;
  • We accomplish expert functions established in corporate standards;
  • We develop all types of regulatory documents: key industrial standards and regulations, recommendations, suggestions and procedures.