Development of offshore resources


Examples of comprehensive works

  • Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field;
  • Kirinskoye gas condensate field;
  • Ob and Taz Bay fields;
  • Shtokman gas condensate field.


  • We use a comprehensive approach to R&D works in geology, offshore field development and facilities construction, products treatment and transmission, feasibility studies, regulatory support of works;
  • We were pioneers among R&D, experimental and design organizations of the former USSR to apply scientifically-based approach to development of offshore hydrocarbon resources on the shelf of the freezing seas;
  • We apply cutting edge methods and tools for workflow mathematical simulation;
  • We have large experimental capabilities that move our process solutions and developments to a totally new level;
  • We work out all types of regulatory documents: fundamental industry standards and regulations, recommendations, proposals and methods;
  • We train skilled professionals in geology and field development (post graduate courses, thesis defense; annual publications of scientific articles, monographs, reviews; holding R&D conferences and seminars).