Tyumen pilot plant

Pilot plant has been in operation since 1986, and is a modern facility with a product list of over 85 items. State-of-the-art technologies, good manufacturing practice and effective quality management system enabled the plant to gain a well-founded reputation on the market of oil and gas equipment. The plant’s output is licensed and certified. All permits for its use are available.

TPP Activities

  • Engineering services:
  1. Technical calculations;
  2. Main equipment selection;
  3. Development of engineering project plans.
  • Service maintenance
  • Development engineering, and R&D
  • Preparation of detailed design and operating documentation
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Equipment testing, getting required certificates
  • Erection supervision, hook-up and commissioning operations
  • Technical support during equipment operation

Produced equipment

  • Comprehensive gas and condensate treatment units (CGTU)
  • Automated gas distribution systems (AGDS)
  • Gas control units (GCU)
  • Dust collectors and mated units
  • Mass-exchanging equipment and mated units
  • Heat exchange equipment and mated units
  • Metering units
  • Oil and gas heaters
  • Tube heaters
  • Horizontal flares
  • Vertical flares and vent stacks
  • Thermal treatment units
  • Comprehensive electrocoagulating water treatment stations
  • Water treatment units
  • Well survey equipment
  • Gas fittings
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Process operating units
  • Conditioning packages for start, fuel and pulsed gas
  • · Flow meters for gas and liquid hydrocarbons

  • Methanol pump units
  • Process units for distribution and batching

  • Separation equipment and mated units
  • Slug catcher separator
  • Vertical low temperature separator
  • Horizontal low temperature separator
  • Flare separator
  • Condensate separator
  • Condensate dram separator
  • Terminal separation unit
  • Vertical gas separator
  • Horizontal gas separator
  • High performance vertical gas separator
  • Separator filter
  • Filter

Almost all equipment is manufactured according to the individual design. New goods made on the basis of the Company’s engineering know-how are put into production regularly.

Design and engineering division:

Design and engineering division is composed of:

  • Tanks and vessels group
  • Shut-off and control valves and metering equipment group
  • Packaged equipment group
  • Flaring and heat exchange equipment group
  • Electrotechnical group
  • Records group

Water treatment comprehensive technologies division is composed of:

  • Group for process simulation and development of waste water treatment technologies
  • Group for equipment design of comprehensive water supply and discharge systems

Heat exchange equipment design division is composed of:

  • Engineering design group
  • Engineering documentation group

New goods developed according to in-house design are put into production on a regular basis. The majority of products comprises large-block turnkey equipment for the needs of gas production, processing, transmission and underground storage facilities: gas distribution plants and stations, start-up fuel gas treatment units for compressor and power stations, Vodopad electrocoagulating drinking water treatment stations, gas and condensate comprehensive treatment units, heat exchange and separation equipment, tanks and vessels.

Engineering design used in equipment development is based on innovations, design and operation experience. It means that the customer receives equipment that meets all up-to-date requirements.

Gazprom VNIIGAZ Tyumen pilot plant offers an individual approach to development of unique turnkey factory-tested equipment in strict compliance with specific Customer’s requirements. After ex-works loading, equipment is ready for operation after power connection. Certified and highly qualified TPP engineers supervise equipment at all commissioning stages: erection, start-up, personnel training.

Workshops are equipped with all necessary outfit required for production of competitive goods that meet Russian and international standards.
Quality assurance is performed at all production stages by the Quality Control Service (QCS) that is composed of: laboratory for physical and mechanical testing, chemical analysis laboratory, non-destructive testing laboratory fitted with equipment for radiographic and ultrasonic inspection.

Preservation of the environment

Thermal treatment units were implemented for the reasons of safe high temperature neutralization of liquid and solid industrial wastes, household waters and urban runoff at oil and gas facilities with minimum negative impact on the environment.

Gazprom VNIIGAZ TPP specialists developed the following units:

1. Thermal treatment unit on the basis of cyclone furnaces (reactors) with a daily capacity from 30 to 2000 tons designed for environmentally safe thermal neutralization of industrial and household liquid wastes;

2. Thermal treatment unit on the basis of revolving furnaces (drum) with a daily capacity from 7 to 120 tons designed for environmentally safe thermal neutralization of industrial and household liquid and solid wastes;

3. Thermal treatment unit on the basis of hearth furnaces (incinerators) with a daily capacity from 0,2 to 12 tons designed for environmentally safe thermal neutralization of industrial and household liquid and solid wastes.

Tyumen Pilot Plant of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC is a warranty of high quality at best price, individual approach and perfect fulfillment of contractual obligations.

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