Happy International Women's Day!

March 5, 2021 09:50

Dear ladies,

May I express my heartfelt congratulations on the spring and beauty celebration — the International Women’s Day, which offers us an excellent opportunity to show our admiration!

I would like to mark specific traits of all women working at the Institute: charm and intellect, ambitions and creative approach. You create novelty, brainstorm great challenges, advance professionally. You are able to take on multiple tasks and tackle them with a smile inspiriting us for outstanding achievements. You make the outside world kind-hearted, lightful and beautiful. You have many roles to play, but the most significant one is to be happy.

Let joyful events and pleasant occasions enter your life. I wish you understanding on the part of your nearest, joy of creation and professional victories.

Stay healthy, loved, and happy in your families in the forefront of the spring vibes!