December 28, 2021 13:57


Happy New Year 2022!

The year 2021 became a milestone for the Russian science, and hence for our Institute.

VNIIGAZ accomplished a series of strategic research investigations on Gazprom’s top-priority areas of focus and projects in the year of science and technologies. Vital initiatives targeted at establishment of the full-cycle R&D system are being implemented under the auspices of the parent company.

We increase footprint throughout the country: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ukhta, Tyumen, Makhachkala, Stavropol, Kazan, Lensk, Orenburg. Consolidation of the Tyumen pilot plant with the Institute to ensure batch production of the pilot samples of an innovative output is proceeding to completion. These are not just new areas of responsibility, but a fellowship of advanced scientists and effective cooperation of specialists along the whole gas business chain. Together we are stronger, more creative and superior.

The Institute’s research framework is being upgraded at full blast, including introduction of sophisticated digital technologies and active development of internal organization processes at VNIIGAZ. We’re learning to work faster, see things from a new angle, and keep with a global agenda. We create new space for our team on top of the trends. The Institute has to become an innovative and friendly environment to foster the scientists and specialists work effectively and with a great relish.

Dear colleaguesWe’re entering 2022 — the Year of Folk Art and Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia. Even today, VNIIGAZ uses all the privileges that the multi-national team is able to provide.

In the New Year, I wish you new ideas and fresh know-how on the way toward long-cherished goals. Be healthy and happy, score new victories and stay joyful in your families.

Happy New Year, dear friends! Happy holidays!

General Director


M.Yu. Nedzvetskiy