Greetings on Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

September 3, 2021 12:22

Dear colleagues,
Congratulations to Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC team, all specialists and veterans of oil and gas industry on their professional holiday!

The frontline of the gas industry is represented by strong experts, pioneering explorers and innovators. Today, gas industry is a powerful driver of the national innovative development. Together we fortify PJSC Gazprom’s competitive position on the global market: introduce the cutting-edge technologies, adopt digital approaches, energy-saving and green solutions, work on the fuel of the future.

Gas science is closely related to production. This partnership gives life to the brave ideas and successful innovations. VNIIGAZ scientists take part in all PJSC Gazprom’s global projects. The Institute is upgrading its in-house ecosystem of technologies, and advancing its research potential.
Gazprom as the ruler of the global energy industry should join hands with the R&D Institute to ensure the Company’s leadership, and we are striving to meet its expectations.
VNIIGAZ team of professionals supported by the specialists from the branch offices in Ukhta, Tyumen, Stavropol and Kazan is full of determination to address the most ambitious Gazprom’s tasks, as we do innovations.

In the Year of Science and Technology I wish you inexhaustible thirst for new, path-breaking plans and novel approaches! Stay healthy, safely and happy in your families!