Happy Russian Science Day!

Dear colleagues,

The Russian Science Day is our professional holiday!

Science is a touchstone of the society development. Everything that surrounds us was invented one day by someone. Science produces life-changing innovative technologies, and our mission is to make these changes only for the better.

VNIIGAZ Institute is a center of gas industry innovations, community of professional scientists, cooperation platform for science and production.

VNIIGAZ team is increasing with every passing day: new Institute’s branches are set up across the country. New competences are gained, and unique opportunities are created. We establish a single R&D system that is able to address global challenges and be ahead of the curve.

Our ambitious goal that we are planning to implement together is to demonstrate advantages of knowledge, and to open up science horizons to everyone.

Therefore we are launching a new project “The School of Academic Speakers — Scientific Landing Forces”.

We invite everyone to join this engaging and relevant project.

Let’s progress the science in tandem!

M.Yu. Nedzvetskiy,

General Director