International Day of Human Space Flight

April 12, 2021 16:44

Today the whole world celebrates the first human space flight. This historic date commemorates triumph of science and is symbolic for all people who work in the space industry.

The beginning of the space era gave a great impetus towards technological development and opened the way for new knowledge about the planet we live on. Space satellites became a unique source of information to address land challenges.

Our Institute’s Center of Geoinformation and Space Technologies develops and introduces remote sensing methods to solve production goals of PJSC Gazprom.

Our scientists create technologies, work out and put into practice observation methods, monitor fields, underground gas storages and pipelines with the use of space data.

This enables to obtain live data on the status of gas production and transmission facilities, ensure industrial safety, minimize production costs, and thus improve the quality of work.

12 April 1961 saw the first human space flight performed by Yuri Gagarin. We cannot overestimate the contribution of this event to the global science. Today I wish to all people who devoted their lives to space, stay brave and firm, make new scientific breakthroughs and put forward bright ideas! Congratulations!