Geologists Day!

April 2, 2021 09:02

For over 55 years, on this day — the first Sunday of April — we pay tribute to pioneers who devoted their professional lives to treasures of the Russian soil. The history of VNIIGAZ stems from geology. Our Institute was the first to provide theoretical and experimental basis for gas geology.

Unique fields of the West Siberia, Central Asia, European part of Russia and the Arctic shelf were discovered with direct involvement of our geological scientists, whose skillful activities culminated in creation of the world’s largest resource base of the gas and petroleum industries.

Geology is a science with strong traditions. Many generations of geologists have been accumulating experience and knowledge for new discoveries. Our specialists delicately bring together scientific heritage and innovative technologies enabling exploration and development of mineral resources under severe mining, geological and climatic conditions.

Today, Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC is the unified center of responsibility for scientific support of the Company’s geological exploration operations. Our team incorporates specialists from Moscow, Tyumen, Ukhta, and Stavropol. VNIIGAZ is constantly expanding the horizons and strengthening its R&D potential.

I am confident to emphasize that geologists of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC will proceed effectively with studying subsoil resources of Russia and increasing mineral resource base. I would like to thank you for your perfect work and to wish you good health, well-being and new breakthroughs!