IX International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists “New Technology in the Gas Industry: Experience and Continuity.”

Key dates

until 07.05.2021 — acceptance of applications for participation and theses of reports;

19.05. — 21.05.2021 — Conference days.

Contact information:


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s.p. Razvilkovskoe, Leninsky dist.,
Moscow region, 142717, Russia

Tel.: (498)657-42-06
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Chairman of the CYSS (Council of Young Scientists and Students)

Pavel Evgenyevich Yushin
Stationary phone (498) 657-46-45 ext. 2050

Coordinators from the CYSS

Ekaterina Alekseevna Ponomareva
Stationary phone: (498) 657-48-61 

Ivan Nikolaevich Alekseev
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CYSS Secretary

Tatiana Nikolaevna Buzinova
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Research and Educational Center:

Anna Valerievna Aperyan
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Olga Alexandrovna Petrusenko
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Anna Alexandrovna Dmitrieva
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Tel. gas. (700) 4-44-10

May 19- 21, 2021

Section name

Section No. 1 “Geology”. Development and arrangement of oil and gas fields."

Section No. 2 «Transport and storage of hydrocarbons.»

Section No. 3 «Oil and gas processing and use.»

Section No. 4 «Environmental and industrial safety. Risk analysis. Energy efficiency”.

Section No. 5 «Economics and Management of Production Processes.»

Section No. 6 «Digitalization of production processes.»

Section No. 7 “Knowledge and experience for oil and gas industry”.

Attention! This year, the conference will be held online on the webinar platform.

Requirements for participants

Young employees of PJSC Gazprom subsidiaries, master’s and graduate students of supporting universities and partner universities up to the age of 35 years old inclusive are invited to participate in the Conference. Each participant should have a report prepared on the relevant topic of no more than 10 minutes long.

When preparing reports, it is necessary to pay special attention to ideas and experience of import substitution, innovative domestic developments (technology and equipment, software, automation systems, etc.).

All materials for participation in the Conference should be provided with an expert opinion on the possibility of publication, drawn up in accordance with the rules of the organization — the employer of authors on the official letterhead of this organization affixed with the seal.