Fourth International Scientific and Technical Seminar «Improvement of Reliability of Main Gas Pipelines Subject to Stress Corrosion Cracking»

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Date and venue

6–8 June 2018


Ilya Ryakhovskikh,
Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory of Stress Corrosion Cracking Processes Research
tel.: +7 (498) 657-40-48 (ext 2115)

Roman Kashkovsky,
Ph.D., Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Stress Corrosion Cracking Processes Research
tel.: +7 (498) 657-40-48 (ext. 5–6730)


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Key Dates
14.05.2018 — Deadline for Registration forms and Abstracts submission
05.06.2018 — Arrival and Accommodation day

Dear Colleagues!

Gazprom VNIIGAZ will host the Fourth International Scientific and Technical Seminar «Improvement of Reliability of Main Gas Pipelines Subject to Stress Corrosion Cracking» for the period from June 6 to 8, 2018.

The Seminar is planned in accordance with the decisions under the Minutes of Gazprom, PJSC (Clause 15), following the results of the Third Scientific and Technical Seminar, signed by O.E. Aksyutin, Member of the Management Board of Gazprom, PJSC, Head of the Department, and V.А. Mikhalenko, Member of the Management Board of Gazprom, PJSC, Head of the Department.

The Seminar has become the unique platform for exchanging the knowledge in stress corrosion among the employees of the Management of Gazprom, PJSC, managers and experts of production units of the subsidiaries and organizations of Gazprom, PJSC, research personnel at universities, research institutions, as well as repair organizations, manufacturers of innovative products and technology.

The purpose of the forthcoming Seminar is to discuss new sectoral tasks, as well as to develop proposals to:

  • Model the processes for stress corrosion cracking of main gas pipelines, considering inspection results, and develop the elements of intelligent systems in technical diagnostics;
  • Develop the non-destructive inspection equipment for detecting and determining the dimensions of stress corrosion cracking;
  • Implement the long-term inspection program for pipelines subject to stress corrosion cracking, which are operated at the facilities of Gazprom, PJSC, including experimental activities on the study of stress corrosion cracking;
  • Select the extended sections of main gas pipelines for re-insulation in 2019–2020. in accordance with the «Procedure for the Re-Insulation of Extended Sections of Main Gas Pipelines with the Damage to the Metal Surface up to 10% of Wall Thickness»;
  • Develop and introduce elements of intellectual analysis of technical diagnoses data in Gazprom, PJSC, for forecasting corrosion and stress-corrosion state of main gas pipelines;
  • Develop low-cost technology for repair of pipelines with stress corrosion cracking by using protective coatings with inhibitory compositions, when repairing main gas pipelines;
  • Introduce methods for assessing the aggressiveness of soils and classify main gas pipelines, according to the degree of danger with regard to underfilm corrosion and stress corrosion cracking;
  • Analyze methods for calculating the strength and performance of pipelines subject to stress corrosion cracking;
  • Develop the program of scientific and technical measures aimed at preventing the formation and development of corrosive processes under the lamination of protective coating.

According to the results of the Seminar, it is planned to publish the scientific and technical collection of articles “Vesti Gazovoy Nauki” represented in Russian and English.

We are sincerely glad to see you at this scientific event, which will be held on the eve of the Seventieth Anniversary of Gazprom VNIIGAZ, LLC, the main scientific and technical center of Gazprom, PJSC.

We hope that the new acquaintances and experience acquired during the Seminar will become the strong foundation for solving the complex and extremely important industry task — to improve the reliability and stability of main gas pipelines against stress corrosion cracking.